'Let Me Go' is now available on Amazon  

Let Me Go

Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing

A boy and a girl can become friends.

But can they remain friends forever?


Estranged for six years, the lives of two childhood friends intersect once again when Anshu comes to know that Indu (who has been in a conscious coma) has asked for euthanasia. He put his impending wedding on hold and immediately rushes to Indu’s side, hoping to change her mind.


His fiancée, Alisha, has never heard of Indu and when she learns that Anshu and Indu were to get married a few years ago, she begins to doubt the only man she has ever trusted.


The wait is over. 'Let Me Go' is out! Beautiful and heartfelt, this is a must-read.

Neeraj Nanda, Editor, South Asia Times



Brimming with emotion, 'Let Me Go' is a page-turner that will stay with you. Ideal story for a film script.

Nirang Desai, Filmmaker, Bollywood

Wings of Silence


Saurav Sethi, teenage prodigy, future tennis star in the making, watches his elder, brother, Raj Sethi, fight a losing battle in life. But Akshay Sethi, their father, will not allow one son to pull the other from the depths of depression.


Can Saurav challenge destiny and give Raj a life he deserves?


Will Saurav’s life changing decision see Raj’s dream of running the marathon in the 1980 Olympics in Moscow come to life? Or will it completely devastate families to a point of no return?


About Shriram


Born in Bangalore, India he spent his schooling days in the state of Gujarat and has an MBA from the Melbourne Business School.


Shriram’s second novel Let Me Go is being published by Fingerprint Publishing (an imprint of Prakash books) and is slated for release in India in October. His first book Wings of Silence was published by Westland Books / Grey Oak Publishers in 2012 and was translated into Korean by Darun Publishers.


A recipient of the Shankar’s international award for creative writing, he has also authored a few unpublished short stories, adapted scripts for theatre and screenplays for short films.

He is currently working on his third novel in Melbourne.