Releasing this October, Shriram Iyer's 'Let Me Go' explores the wonderfully complex world of human relationships, making for a beautiful story on friendship, love and unflinching loyalty. 



A boy and a girl can become friends.

But can they remain friends forever?


When Anshuman Kale meets Indira Kelkar, all it takes to bring them close is a lost school bag, a missed school bus leading to a walk back home, and a few cutlets to beat the after-school hunger. As the now best friends grow up together, there is nothing that can come between their friendship. Or so they think!


At the climax of their teenage years, as Indira falls in love with a guy five years older than her, she finds herself caught between friendship and love—neither of which she can let go. But as their lives begin to take a turn—for good, for bad, and for the worse—Anshuman is forced to rethink one of the things he had considered a given: ‘he and Indira would be best of friends forever.’


Now estranged for years, Anshuman is looking forward to marrying the love of his life, while Indira is waiting to hear back on her euthanasia appeal.

What could have gone so wrong that she wants to end her life?

As their lives intersect once again, how far would Anshuman go for Indira?


To Friendship . . . With Love

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