Released in India and South Korea, Shriram Iyer's Wings of Silence explores the beautiful bond between siblings and explores how far one sibling is prepared to go for another. 




Saurav Sethi, teenage prodigy, future tennis star in the making, watches his elder, brother, Raj Sethi, fight a losing battle in life. But Akshay Sethi, their father, will not allow one son to pull the other from the depths of depression.


Can Saurav challenge destiny and give Raj a life he deserves?


Will Saurav’s life changing decision see Raj’s dream of running the marathon in the 1980 Olympics in Moscow come to life? Or will it completely devastate families to a point of no return?

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An unyielding story of love, relationships and hope. The relationships which the two brothers share is in itself a moment of triumph.

-Lipi Mehta, Editor,


The real winner in this exhilarating but tender tale is unconditional brotherly love...

-Oswald Pereira, Bestselling Author


...gripping debut novel... entertaining read...


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